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Mar 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
most in taxes in 30 years. how cue expect to grow the economy that way? fl and what was dennis rodman doing in north korea last week? you won't believe what he has to say about the country's brutal dictator. >>> we are all familiar with too big to fail. now more than four years after the financial crisis prominent senators are wondering whether the big banks and executives are too big to jail. >> the phrase refers to the corn by some on capitol hill that the department of justice is holding off on blinging prosecution against major financial institutions because of fears of the economic impact that the charges might have. the concerns were raised by comment that is a the department of justice's lanny brewer made on "the untouchables." >> if i bring institution a to some huge economic effect if it creates a ripple effect so counter parties and other financial institutions or other companies that had nothing do with this are affected badly it is a factor we need to know and understand. >> senators brown and grassley of ohio and iowa say that's not at all the way the department of
Mar 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
dennis bachman. making our economy more competitive. it will help spur economic brought in america. and increased wages for middle class americans. >> that is a republican message you would like to vote. it says whags the republican message. where do we go after that? is there a growth message? >> are you serious and want that car out. our icon mi. two-continuing therms. do we need to fix our tax code to promote more economic growth? we can't cut our way to pros stewart or tax our way to the end. they all know, they have to balance their budget every week. they expect washington to live. >> you said they need to be able to live their lives. let me ask you, how long is your tenure going to be as speaker? what do you think about? i've been on a mission do address people and i expect a lead to speak with the house. >> i'll be here for a whim. >> speak to you about john boehner. >> many thanks again to house speaker john boehner for giving me his time. joe manchin, spike lee. have not opposed cost of living adjustments and any means pesting for medicare. do they have means testing. i t
Mar 8, 2013 7:00pm EST
study says they're not. >> but you know joel klein. he was great at that. dennis will cott does it now. you couldn't find a better person. it's just the system is broken down. i think you said it. you need school choice. there are too many people in the school system, too many layers in this board of education. you still hear that when you put a dollar into that system 94 cents doesn't get to the classroom. and a lot of great teachers and a lot of smart kids come out of that school but there's too many that fall through the cracks. it's the size of the system. it's just too big. >> and i don't see, blake, with all respect, president obama is always talking about putting more money into education. i don't know what the federal government is doing in education. but more money toejs is n educa not the answer. better education is the answer. more parenting is the answer. school choice is the answer. it's not a money problem. new york city spends a fortune. all these municipalities spend a fortune. >> i agree that it comes down to methodologies a lot of the time. one of my questions would b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3